Centro Histórico de Garibaldi

Explore a fascinante narrativa dos 33 edifícios, many of them lining Buarque de Macedo Street, through historical plaques adorning their walls. The city's main thoroughfare boasts wider sidewalks, beautiful flowerbeds, and vintage street lamps evoking bygone eras. In ancient times, this path was essential for drovers, Italian and French immigrants, Syrian-Lebanese communities, peddlers, and craftsmen seeking colonies in the mountains. Many of them settled here, contributing to the flourishing of commercial establishments and services, many of which thrive to this day. Some of these structures now house residences, and the churches in the central area enrich this historical heritage, often chosen for film shoots.

Primarily constructed in the first half of the 20th century, these buildings are renowned for their human statues, seemingly engaging with modern passersby. In 1879, the General Road connected the Conde d'Eu (Garibaldi), Dona Isabel (Bento Gonçalves), and Alfredo Chaves (Veranópolis) colonies to Montenegro and the fields of Lagoa Vermelha, cutting across rivers, forests, and mountains. After 1881, the thoroughfare was renamed Buarque de Macedo Street in honor of the Secretary of Agriculture and Works of the Brazilian Empire. In 2016, a significant revitalization transformed part of this street, further enhancing Garibaldi's historical space. Don't miss the chance to explore this historical gem!

Productions filmed at this location:

  • Music video "O Frete" (2003)
  • Fiction film "Um menino vai para o colégio" (2007)
  • Fiction film "O Filme da Minha Vida" (2015)
Centro Histórico de Garibaldi Cenas de filme 2
Centro Histórico de Garibaldi Cenas de filme
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Centro Histórico de Garibaldi
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